Thursday, January 15, 2009

The View

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is at it again.

I purposely didn't watch the View on Monday because I knew the press conferences on the weekend by both Bush and Obama would be discussed in Hot Topics and that Elisabeth would be riding her deluded high horse again.

I figured it was safe to watch it Tuesday. Not so. I haven't watched it since. Sheesh...she acts like someone attacked her first born child when her co-hosts started discussing Bush's performance as president.

This was not an isolated incident. When anyone else tries to express their view, they are met with Elisabeth's raised voice and refusal to allow anyone to speak by cutting them off.

Why does ABC continue to tolerate this? The show is called 'The View' NOT 'Elisabeth's View' OR perhaps ABC believes that Elizabeth's view is THE view. There are four other women on that show and I want to hear their views, too.

If you feel the same, why not write ABC and tell them so? Here is the link to their feedback page for television programming:

This is a follow-up posting to the one I wrote on November 19, 2008. I've now have incorporated it into this post. The text is below:

Could someone please, please make Elisabeth Hasselbeck shut up? I was hoping that once the election was over that this woman would settle down. Will it ever stop? Her co-hosts have a reason for their comments. They are comedians and political humour is the mainstay of American comedy. Elisabeth is not a comedian; she is a pathetic, hateful woman and her diatribes are painful. The underlying whining tone is like chalk scraping on a blackboard. I'm begging now. Please make her stop!

Follow-up to my rant: I emailed ABC and I'm betting I wasn't the only one writing. It stopped right away and that would not happen due to only one email. Now we get to enjoy Elisabeth, who seems to be a lovely person when she isn't riding her high horse.

Update - March 8, 2013: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, one of the five cohorts of ABC's daytime talk show The View, will not be returning to the couch next season. Viewers Found Her "Too Extreme and Right Wing"

Update - March 11, 2013: Rats! I experienced premature elation over Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaving the View. Barbara Walters made a statement on air today that Elisabeth will remain.

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  1. Being from Blighty I have no idea who this erm woman is, however, I'm beginning to get a 'feel' for her ....... and its not a good feeling! On a seperate note I get ever so hacked off with everytime a new King of the World gets sworn in why oh why do they have to do it on my birthday ..... kind of casts a shadow


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