Friday, January 30, 2009

Holy cow!

We went to the post office today to pick up a parcel. It was like we just won the convection oven lottery!

Wow...look at it! Isn't it beautiful?

The Christmas gift Jacki ordered for us had been out of stock during the holidays and the store finally shipped it. We had no idea what our gift was until we picked it up today.

It is a Farberware FB-1654 digital convection/rotisserie oven. What an AMAZING gift! It has all the following features:

- double wall
- digital bake, broil, top brown, keep warm, defrost, convection settings
- 150-450ยบ F temperature control
- 120 minute timer with stay-on feature
- auto shut off
- 10 pre-programmed settings
- LED display panel
- 6-slice toaster
- non-stick interior
- interior light
- tempered glass door
- baking sheet
- boil tray
- rotisserie
- accessories
- 1480 watts
- great looks and great performance

I wouldn't be surprised if it could dance an Irish jig, too.


  1. Now thats an oven! When it does its Irish jig because I bet it can, can you post the pics! lol

  2. Hi! I just bought the identical oven from Canadian Tire. But it was the last one they had--the one that was on display on the shelf--and I had to buy it "as is": no box and, most important, no instruction manual. Any chance you could scan or photocopy your manual for me?

  3. Edward:

    I tried to access your profile but it is not enabled for sharing so I'm posting my answer here.

    Unfortunately, hubby did a paperwork cleanup and turfed the user instructions for this.

    Sorry. Wish I could help but I couldn't find one online either; even when I went to the Farberware web site.

  4. Thanks for trying! Farberware's Customer "service" was no help at all: it's a call centre in India, and had no record of that model number. I'll continue to look . . .


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