Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The graphic on the Ontario tourism site is not misleading...only misinterpreted. There is absolutely no place like this (thank heavens).

Living in Ontario is one of the most frustrating exercises known to man. For reasons unknown to any rational entity, everything must be done twice in order to actually be put in place.

'Doing it right the first time' is a foreign concept in Ontario. The province should be renamed 'Mulligan' because everything is a do-over.

The first clue to realizing that whatever you need won't get done is a nodding motion from head of the person who is paid to perform the service. That motion means, "I don't care what you are paying for, there is no way in hellapalooza that I'm going to waste my time doing this. When you discover that I haven't done it and request it again, I'll get it done in my own sweet time, not yours. And...only if you've taken it to a higher level."

Ontarians might be known for moving and speaking quickly but don't mistake that for efficiency. The fast movement denotes running away from anything that remotely looks like it entails actual performance and the fast talking is the type used by used car salesmen (all horse manure).

It's been 4-1/2 years now and I just can't get used to this adversarial way of life. I hate it here. I wish I could afford to move back to Nova Scotia.

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  1. Ooooooo now that is a rant! I'm loving this word hellapalooza ..... is going to use it from now on .... alot!

    Cheer up you could be at the mercy of the sullen faced ooompa looompas that frequent counters in the UK


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