Saturday, June 20, 2009

10 Father's Day DIY projects

There are lots of DIY projects online for the special Dad in your life. Show him that you care by creating a personal, homemade gift.

Altoid Tin Mini Toolboxes for Father's Day: Surprise Dad with the smallest toolbox ever!

Disney's Father's Day coupon book to make for redemption for help with yard work, complete control of the TV remote, etc. There is a link to the free, downloadable template.

Surprise Balls: Make Dad really work at finding his gift with this clever way of wrapping it up.

HP's Creative Studio provides some nice, free, downloadable Father's Day card templates. You have to log on to access the patterns after the jump but it just takes a minute and they are free.

Golf Ball Seeds: A gag gift for Dads that golf. A free template is included.

A Dad, Blue Ribbon Badge Card from Chronicle Books blog.

Tissue Paper Tie: An easy, kids' DIY project.

Father's Day Shirt & Tie project with a free, downloadable template.

Family Key Rack: Another DIY project from Disney that Dad can use to keep track of car and house keys.

Rock Family Plaque: A cute decoration for the kids to make for Dad's office.

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