Sunday, June 7, 2009

10 DIY project stumbles

Hobbies, crafts and horticulture are powerful ways to make healthy leisure connections in your life. Here are ten stumbles that you might enjoy.

The Bonsai Site: detailed guide to bonzai as an art, hobby and horticultural practice.

Cabinet Embellishment Ideas: with links to the tutorials on the Better Homes & Gardens web site.

Make Your Own Umbrella Caddy

A Fringed Flower Card: Learn the simple technique of making double fringed flowers to dress up a stylish, handcrafted card.

Make Shades Out of Mini Blinds: Do you love the look of fabric shades but don't want to fork over the cash?

How to Paint Moss Designs in Your Garden

A Jam Jar Topper Tutorial: A nice way to decorate homemade jam bottles to give as gifts.

Make Your Own Gallery: Three templates to download, personalize and frame.

Little Metal & Canvas Mixed Media Books: A tutorial on how to make a personalized book and how to insert your artistic projects.

Punched Paint Chip Cards: Make greeting cards from paint chip palettes.

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