Friday, February 6, 2009

Favourite movies

What are your top 10 favourite movies? Here are mine, in order of preference.

These maintain my interest, even after watching them over and over again. Note: I can't stress strongly enough the need to view the foreign films in a subtitled NOT dubbed version.

1. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso: 1988

2. Babette's Feast: 1987

3. Out of Africa: 1985

4. The Ice Harvest: 2005

5. The World According to Garp: 1982

6. Dune: 1984

7. The Grifters: 1990

8. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy:
- Fellowship of the Ring: 2001
- The Two Towers: 2002
- Return of the King: 2003

9. Life as a House: 2001

10. The Party: 1968

The absolute, very best, WORST movie ever made: Dark Star: 1974. Once upon a time, I owned it in Beta. Wish I still owned a copy. It's amazing.

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