Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

My husband and I took our dogs for a walk in our neighbourhood today and brought our cameras with us. I wanted to share some glaringly bad taste that emanated from, what look like, perfectly normal homes. Who are these people? Didn't someone, at some point, discourage them from their decorating choices?


This neighbour acquires old gas guzzling autos and reupholsters them with either carpeting, as seen below, or floral damask. On the dashboards, he glues on figurines and, on the perimeters of the windows, fringe.


This prize appeared about 2 weeks ago and even the garbage truck won't take it. It's obviously been around for a while and I'm guessing it has won the Ugliest Sofa Award Known to Man consecutively since its purchase. Where they chemically impaired when they walked into the furniture store?

Sidewalk Art

The lady who created this is very sweet and so proud of her neighbourhood beautification project. This vignette resides in the area between the sidewalk and the road.

Blue Virgin

You see a lot of religious displays dotting the neighbourhood. I was too lazy to walk far enough to get pictures of the truly bizarre ones so this will have to do. I can appreciate the folk artsy displays but this kind really irks me.

Scroll Saw Run Amok

My basset hound's hackles went up when we came across this one. The house is in good repair. The grounds are manicured. The trees are trimmed. The tole painted lamb sports a demented grin.

Project Recycle

Let's see, we've got 2 old rusty bathtubs; let's plunk them on the lawn as planters with the wooden cow keeping watch.

The Wall

This decorated privacy fence is a prelude to the outrageous back yard behind it. Too bad that I couldn't photograph that but it is illegal to photograph people's private spaces without their permission. Surprisingly, that plastic planter cut in half was the only vandalized piece that we saw on our entire walk.

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