Friday, March 27, 2009

L: Real Time

It caught my fancy.

Real Time with Bill Maher tonight. His guests and panels provide food for hungry brains. What fun to hear a cogent point of view that doesn't necessarily coincide with my own. He gathers the pertinent people drifting in and out of our collective consciousness. Not necessarily the media magnets but high achievers known for their chosen fields.

Tonight Bill Bradley chatted with Bill Maher after the monologue, Mos Def and Salman Rushdie were the panelists, and Christopher Hitchens joined them later on. Quite a think tank. Mos Def ran rings around them all, masterfully communicating flashes of genius. But, then again, I usually come away feeling that way about the guests.

Just when I think I've got Maher figured out, he surprises me. Sometimes he's a little more self-satisfied than I find palateable but he has a fine, nimble mind that easily cuts through the cow pies.

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  1. I agree completely! I don't always appreciate his take on things, but I love how he cuts through the layers of bull we are normally subjected to. Nice piece!


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