Saturday, February 23, 2013

My amazing Flashy-boy

We enjoyed 13 years of kitty-cat love with our Norwegian Forest cat, Flash.

Flash was the second wegie we have owned. I previously had another named Gismo.

When Gismo died, I immediately put an order in at Misty Mountain cattery in Montreal for a B&W male from the next litter. The breeder sent me pictures via email of his progression because she won't let them leave the mother cat until they are over 16 weeks old. I had to wait about 9 months in total but it was a good space of time to ready myself for another cat.

Misty Mountain Flash drove home with us after our vacation in the Laurentians and the Santana Supernatural concert in Montreal. He was perfect! He slept curled up on my lap the entire trip, only leaving to use the litter we had set up in the passenger foot well. He captured both our hearts.

He was a dear little boy and both Mike and I deeply loved him.

We miss him but know that our memories will linger for our lifetime.

According to CCAFC, "This is a very old breed, who have lived in the forests of Norway for thousands of years and played a part in Norse mythology. In the early 1970'a a group of Norwegian cat fanciers formed a group to try to preserve this breed called Skaukatt in its homeland. In 1979, the first breeding pair were imported to North America.

The fur of the Norwegian is a semi-long, double coat consisting of a woolly undercoat covered by a smooth, water-repellent, outer coat. The ruff of a mature cat frames a strong-chinned, intelligent face with almond-shaped expressive eyes. The ears are large, tufted and lynx-like tip tufts are desirable. This is an easy care coat that requires only moderate grooming.

The general appearance of the Norwegian is that of an alert, healthy, well developed, muscular cat. The body is of moderate length, heavily boned and powerful.

These large, friendly cats have people-loving personalities and adapt well to almost any household. Their robust constitution makes for a long, healthy life."

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