Friday, December 14, 2012

DIY Snowman ornament

Here's a cute way to recycle old, used light bulbs.

Materials & tools needed:
- used light bulb
- plaster
- white craft paint
- red craft paint
- wire, cord or ribbon
- orange polymer clay
- hot glue gun
- black marker
- dark pink marker
- strip of fabric

Mix up some plaster and cover the glass of the light bulb. Dab it so you have some soft, plaster peaks on it.

Use a glue gun to place your wire, cord or ribbon at the top part of the screw top and then plaster over it to embed it. Set aside to dry.

Once the plaster is dry, paint the plastered areas white. Set aside to dry.

Once the white is dry, paint the screw part of the light bulb red. Set aside to dry.

Take the orange polymer clay and make a thin, cone with a flat bottom. Use the directions on the clay package to harden the orange clay cone. This will be used as the 'carrot' nose for your snowman.

Use the glue gun to glue the orange nose on to the plastered & painted light bulb.

Use your black marker to draw little dots on the plaster to make eyes and buttons.

Use your dark pink marker to lightly draw rosy cheeks.

Tie a strip of material around the snowman's 'neck'

Tie the wire, cord or ribbon at the top of your ornament on to the tree.

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  1. This is adorable & so easy to make. I'm sure most people have some old lightbulbs around that they can't figure out how and were to recycle. Thank you for the tutorial! :)


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