Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh baby, it's COLD out there!

Hubby and I live in an apartment in Canada. Our master bedroom is on the corner of the building and we've lived with the draft assaulting our heads in that room for six years.

Until the second Iron Craft challenge, I didn't really stretch my brain cells on what to do about it; I only focused on what I couldn't do. The bedroom has sliding windows, so a padded, window snake wouldn't meet our needs. The challenge gave me a chance to think outside the box. Besides banishing the draftiness, I wanted something that would afford more privacy without sacrificing natural light during the day.

Here is the solution, which required some help from my hubby. We're so pleased with it that we've even given it a name, 'Room with a View'.


Now that you've seen the 'before' picture, I'm sure the question that begs to be asked is, "Why didn't we just move the bed to another wall?" Well, in order to fit all our bedroom furniture, while leaving plenty of room for egress, there was only one possible place to put it...right in front of that dratted window.

My hubby already had one of his photographs printed up on translucent plastic. I measured the inside width of the window, got him to make a frame from some old pieces of baseboard, I painted it, and then we attached the print to the back of the frame.

It fits easily into the window framing and the space at the top allows any winter condensation to dry.

The translucence of the plastic allows natural light to enter the room during the day. Here is a picture of the frame, back lit, so you can see how much light will filter through.


Now for the reveal; hope you like it!

Now I just have to wheedle hubby into making some kind of shelving above it.


  1. Now that is really thinking outside of the box!

  2. How fun! I love that it's not what you'd expect :)

  3. A fellow Canadian! It's always good to find a Canadian or two in the mix, for some reason the blogs I frequent most tend to be American, Austrailian or European (not that that's a bad thing!). Brilliant project! I'm super impressed. Now you have a room with an impressive view.


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