Sunday, November 25, 2012

Niece officially launches Dermatillomania website

I posted a couple blog entries over the years when my niece's book came out and when the documentary was being filmed. Here are those links:

December 2009 - Forever Marked: A Dermatillomania Diary

February 2011 - Scars of Shame

Today, I received an email from my niece today that she has officially launched a Dermatillomania website. Here is her email:

Hey everyone!

Who sends out mass emails anymore when we have social media to satisfy our self-promoting needs? Well, I'm giving it a shot because this is the most important project I've taken part in that brings together all of the work I've done to spread awareness about Dermatillomania.

With the help of my better half, Jason, I have launched an official website to promote awareness about this disorder with the main goal of having it become a vital source of information about the disorder while having a platform to invite people to look at the work I've done for the cause.

Please visit to see the hard work Jay and I have put into this website! If there was ever a time I needed you to share a link, THIS is it! Please share this site through email, social media sites you are associated with, forums, blogs, anything! Any type of share means the world to me!

If you want to subscribe to my website blog to be updated about upcoming changes/ additions to the website, please click

Thank you all so much!


Updated: March 9, 2013
20th Annual National Conference on Hair Pulling & Skin Picking Disorders - April 19-21, 2013 | Renaissance Newark Hotel, New Jersey

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