Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Freedom of expression

When my husband and I watched this last Friday, we howled with laughter at the graphic and effective demonstration of the disgusting and horrific practice of posthumous baptism.

I can barely wrap my head around the fact that this clip is generating such hue and cry.

How can this religious organization unilaterally nullify everything this man believed in and then, when satirized, climb on the high horse of the right to freedom of religion/thought? Clearly, there is an inability to adhere to their own arguments.

The doctrine of eternal life based on individual, corporeal existence was conveniently bypassed when faced with the core tenets of Edward Davies' life. Based on this so-called 'truth', shouldn't unbelievers experience the same permanence based on their lifetime choices?

This religious organization crossed the line of human decency in the most cowardly way possible; exerting their will when Davies could not possibly exercise his rights and freedoms. This posthumous baptism demonstrated complete and utter megalomania. Fully aware that Edward Davies would have been repulsed by the ritual, they performed it anyway.

Freedom of religion/thought? I'm left to conclude that their strident argument applies only to those chosen ones who believe exactly the same way they do.

Update: February 18, 2012 on Wired: Can I Get on the Mormon “Do Not Baptize” List? How to avoid being baptized after you’re dead. Looks like Bill Maher might be busy with his unbaptisms.

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