Thursday, March 18, 2010

Multi-pocket mini album

When I was on vacation, the woman I visited invited some friends over to make cards. In addition, they brought some examples of their work and I took pictures so I could remember the composition and techniques.

Here's a super one made by Anne, which doubles as a birthday card. She found an online video tutorial of how to make a multi-pocket mini album, which you can view at the bottom of this post. I'm sure, once you see it, you will agree that Anne's rendition took this craft to a whole new level. Hers also vividly shows how colour choices and the right embellishments can really jazz things up.

There are three pockets for inserting mounted pictures; one pocket on the top left and two pockets on the right hand side. Pictures can be mounted on both sides of the inserts.


  1. Thanks for including the video tutorial. I never can figure these things out on my own. jan

  2. These are fantastic. I especially love the card with the lady bugs. Re: P&P/Colin Firth Indeed! One of my favorites. I consider it the best miniseries ever made. I've actually watched it all in one sitting.:) Thank you so much for stopping by!


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