Friday, February 12, 2010

Make your sweetie a Valentine

It's not too late to make your special love a homemade (or home printed) Valentine. Here are some ideas that might motivate your creativity.

Valentine Flip Book
I think this Valentine flip book is just plain brilliant.

Felt Valentine Heart
Cute, easy to make felt, Valentine heart ornament.

Code Monkey Valentine
Make a Valentine for the tekkie in your life with these free, downloadable cards.

Small Valentine Zebra Cards
Free, downloadable zebra Valentine cards.

Lisa Rupp Valentine Card
Illustrator Lisa Rupp's free, downloadable Valentine cards.

Wooden Valentine Hearts
Decoupage some wooden Valentine badges with this tutorial.

Homemade Valentine Print
A tutorial for making a personalized Valentine, fabric print.

Valentine Straw Embellishments
Free, downloadable PDF for making embellished Valentine straws.

Vintage Valentine Card
A free, downloadable template for a vintage, Valentine card .

Valentine Postcards
A collection of Valentine, vintage postcards.

Little Valentine Envelope
Make some sweet, little, Valentine envelopes

Heart Button Ornament
A tutorial for making simply lovely, Valentine ornaments constructed from felt & buttons.

Matchbox Valentine Enclosure Cards
A tutorial and free, downloadable template for little Valentine cards that can be slipped into pretty, decorated matchboxes.

Matchbox Valentine Babies
A kids' craft tutorial for making matchbox, Valentine Babies.

Valentine Hedgehog Scherenschnitte
Free, downloadable, Hedgehog Love, Valentine scherenschnitte (paper cutting) template.

Valentine Labels
Free, downloadable Valentine labels.

Valentine Party Favors
Quote from Paper Crave: "...a tutorial and downloadable templates so you can make your very own skulk of valentine-y foxes. Yep, that's what a group of foxes is called, a skulk. I learn something new every day with this blog, I tell ya."

Cootie Catcher Valentine
Help the kids make some girl or boy, Valentine cootie catchers with these free, downloadable templates.

Lacy Valentine
A detailed tutorial for making lacy Valentines.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for featuring my Valentine Felt Heart and Buttons Tutorial! :) What a great list of links! Thanks for sharing :)


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