Tuesday, December 30, 2008

YIKES! 17,000+ stumbles

While stumbling, I came across this image. It prompted me to contemplate my 17,000+ stumbles and the resulting bookmarking of my favourites.

StumbleUpon is addictive. There are so many great, informative sites out there and it is very easy to press the Stumble button on the toolbar to seek yet one more page without thoroughly exploring the site.

My New Year resolution for 2009 is to go back and explore all those pages that moved me to bookmark them. My intention is, in addition to stumbling, is to 'go out and play' and start implementing the knowledge into my life. All those pages peaked my interest; perhaps you will enjoy them too.

I think I'll start at simple.ology and follow this article's recommendations: Want to Have Your Most Productive Day Ever? Body Clock Experts Recommend Super Schedule.

Let the playing begin! No more bookmarking just for manana. Now it will be for Sunday Stumbles, too. Enjoy!

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